Turning to God alone

13 02 2012

“Those who cling to worthless idols turn away from God’s love for them” (Jonah 2:8)


After many attempts to get my attention, I think God finally got through to me yesterday. Actually its more like this: God is always there patiently waiting for us to come to him, gently asking us “Do you trust me, do you know that I love you?” but I was just being stubborn, like a little kid going “LALALALALA I’m not listening.”

But alas, I stopped talking/ thinking/ dwelling/ worrying long enough to realize a few things.

1. Idols are not something of just biblical reference but a very real and very dangerous part of our lives. What is the one thing you can’t live without? Finish this sentence:  If only I were/ had/ did/ could __________________________, THEN I would be happy. Whatever goes in that blank, that is your idol. The thing you look to for fulfillment, for salvation, for joy, for validation.

2. Once you can name it, all of a sudden it seems to be everywhere. Everyone has ____________________. This is not a coincidence, God is trying to get your attention.

3. The only thing that fits in that blank line correctly is Jesus. We were created by God to worship Him. That is our one and only purpose on this earth. Everything we do is to bring Him glory.If it doesn’t glorify God, it is not what He intended. Sin in our lives does nothing but draw us farther from the truth, idols do nothing but draw us into worshiping something other than the one, true God. We are worshiping the created thing instead of the Creator Himself.

So what do we do? Once we begin the process to remove our idol of ________________, we have to replace it with Jesus, if not we will quickly find a new blank line, a new idol to worship, a new something or someone that we think will bring us ultimate fulfillment. And these things aren’t all bad. Most idols are something that God has created for us to enjoy. Money is not bad, but the love of money over God is. Relationships aren’t bad, but the desire for a boyfriend/girlfriend over God is. Marriage, kids, jobs, friends, beauty, power. All these things are wonderful blessings from God, until they become our God. Created things don’t make good Gods. They will always let us down. But He will not. God’s love will never fail. He is everything I need. 





One response

13 02 2012
Jerry Davidson

Well said dear niece. God has given us so many beautiful things to enjoy and as man sets them up as idols, we pervert what God has given for our enjoyment. This is so obvious when we look around at our culture.

When we are able to focus on Jesus, only then do we begin to see the true purpose of our life – to please him by imitating his servant leadership and giving our lives away for the benefit of others to God’s glory.

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