Is fighting injustice our responsibility as Christians?

1 11 2010

Rich and poor have this in common: The LORD is the Maker of them all.” (Proverbs 22:2)

This morning at our staff bible study, this was the question of the day. Is social justice, fighting inequality and injustice, necessary for the spiritual vitality of an individual? Is fighting injustice a spiritual discipline? Is it our responsibility to change unfair situations? My answer would be this:


For salvation, fighting social justice is not a requirement. Neither is evangelism or any deed. Salvation alone is based on faith, not works. However, as I have mentioned in past posts, faith without obedience, to me lacks authenticity. If you have true faith, it should be highly obvious by the way you act, speak and conduct your life. Your passions, words and character should overflow with the desire to glorify Christ and return the world to true unity and love that can only be found in the Lord. One of the major sources of disunion is this idea that your accessibility to resources seals your fate in life. Without a stable source of income or the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter, there is a lack of hope for a future. For generations upon generations, the disparity in many countries between the very rich and the very poor or only served to perpetuate this injustice and lack of hope for billions of people around the world.

So as a Christian what can I do? To risk being cliche, what would Jesus have done? If I am following His example, what does scripture say about this issue? It is very clear to me that this issue is one of spiritual proportions. Jesus made it very clear through His ministry, that not only were the physically poor important to Him, but the spiritually poor were also of highest importance, and these two groups overlapped quite often.


Here at Amor Ministries, one of our missions is to eradicate physical and spiritual poverty, and through this goal I believe we are doing exactly what Christ intended for all Christians to do. To rid the world of injustice for the sake of not just people well-being here on earth, but also for their eternal salvation.


In His love,






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9 11 2010
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