Counting my blessings

30 09 2010

“For in the day of trouble he will keep me safe in his dwelling; he will hide me in the shelter of his tabernacle and set me high upon a rock.” (Psalm 27:5)

Today I got to go into Mexico again to do some work for Amor. We weren’t building homes today, we were cleaning and organizing some storage areas at our camp tin Tijuana to prepare for the coming spring and summer interns ( if you are interested in coming to intern with Amor and build homes for the summer check out Project Nexus, our 10-week volunteer program). We had an eventful day of sorting, organizing and doing inventory on all kinds of camping supplies and other items for the programs. We encountered a few not-so-fun spiders, ( thankfully Nick killed them all for me! ) and got to eat real, Mexican tacos (SOOOO good!!! Nothing like Taco Bell, not even a little). But the one thing we encountered that impacted me the most, was RAIN.

As many of you know it rarely rains in this area of Mexico, it is very much desert climate and sunny all year round. So as I was carrying tents and sleeping bags from one storage unti to another it hit me. One rain drop. Then another. Then many! Along with thunder, lighting and a whole storm. We continued working and the rain stopped soon after, but as far as I could see across the valley and up into the mountains, there were rainstorms and lighting. It was beautiful and a reminder of God presence through nature. It made our day so much cooler in temperature and even washed our car a little.

But as we left camp, I began to look around me and realize that while this rain storm didn’t affect me negatively, it just might have ruined a lot for thousands of people around Tijuana. As we drove on, the roads were muddy, some nearly impassable and people everywhere seemed confused, almost lost in this rain. As I looked up into the mountains, I saw steep hills, where dirt barely allows people to make it home on a good day, that were now flowing mud. It dawned on me that rain is somewhat of a nusance to me, driving or walking somewhere, but never a disaster. The rain stays out of my house and my car, and things quickly return to normal once it’s gone.

But I watched out the window of our truck as the rain soaked into the homes of many Mexicans, flowing as mud through the doors onto their already dirt floors, streaming through open windows that don’t close, making coming home or leaving an impossible task. How grateful I am that I was blessed with the home I have. How grateful I am that God has allowed me to be an agent of change. That I am in a position to help people who don’t have shelter from the rain, who will get sick, or lose part of their home to the rain showers this weekend, to receive homes with cement floors, and doors and windows that keep the rain out. Pray for these people, they don’t have a lot, but they could lose everything.

In His love,





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18 11 2010
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